A Bigger Penis By Using A Penis Pump?

So can you get a bigger penis by using a penis pump? Well the answer will have to be yes and no. Sure the use of a pump can enlarge your penis within one minute of using it. However, this will make your penis thicker, but will do very little for the length. Also remember this is simply a temporary measure to getting a bigger penis.

A penis pump requires that you insert your manhood into an air-tight tube and therefore there is no interference from outside air. The pressure exerted by the pump will force blood and lymphatic fluid into the penis. This will take under a minute to complete and the results are nothing short of amazing. You will enlarge your penis by a considerable amount. However, the second you remove the tube, your penis is fighting to just revert back to it's usual size.

The main problem with these vacuum pumps is it is rather like pumping up a tyre with a puncture. If the puncture is covered up, the tyre will inflate to a bigger size (an air-tight tube surrounding your penis). However, once you are no longer covering up the puncture, your tyre will gradually deflate back down in size (removing the vacuum pump from your penis). You are literally looking at getting a bigger penis for a matter of minutes, if that!

Many penis pump dealers will swear blind that their contraptions will permanently enlarge your penis, but there is little evidence to support this. The tissues of the corpora cavernosa will definitely be stretched giving the appearance of a larger manhood, but as I have mentioned, this will soon subside. It is claimed that this action of forcing the corpora cavernosa to expand for a number of minutes a day will eventually lead to permanent penis enlargement.

Having said this, it is extremely dangerous to use a penis pump regularly. You should never really use a pump on consecutive days; therefore you are looking at a bigger penis for 15 minutes every 2 days. Should you decide to throw caution to the wind and use this contraption on a daily basis, you are simply heading for an injury. The over use of a penis or vacuum pump has been known to rupture and burst blood vessel, it can cause nerve damage and unfortunately these things can ultimately lead to a smaller penis!

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